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Our equipment list is available HERE.

New horizonal bores started up
Year 2014 has given Eksamo a new tool, an horizontal borer Fermat WFC 10 with new Heidenhein Heidenhain ITNC 530 CNC-control.
Measurements: X 2000, Y 1700, Z 1250, W 730, table 1250x1400 mm.
Weight of parts up to 5 000 kg. Spindle diameter 110 mm.
And optical-digital tool-setter is available for calibrating tool for high precision machining.

New Investment into CNC-turning
In the end on 2012 a new CNC-turning machine was puchased by Eksamo.
A Doosan Puma 2600MSB machine was selected. The machine is equipped with modern technology like live tooling for drilling, tapping and milling, and two spindles, that can produce finished goods in one setup. Machine data: Fanuc 0iTD control, turning dia up to 305 mm, X-axis 260 mm, Z-axis 830 mm, through spindle 102 mm, main motor 22 kW, 2nd motor 7,5 kW, live tooling 5000 RPM. All enquiries for turning a welcome, as for all other metalworks.

CNC-machining services
Eksamo is actively growing in the field on precision CNC-machining. Both CNC-turning and CNC-milling services are offered at high level of quality in the respect of tolerances and delivery performance. 4-axis machining can be offered, while the most popular products are CNC-machined fabrications with bearing housing features. CNC-turning sizes varie between dia 50 and 400 mm.

Supply of advanced factory transport system
Eksamo supplies a leading Finnish manufacturing company, sales above 100 mio EUR, with transportation system that will double customer's unfinished products internal transport capabilites. Our engineers are actively involved in the 3D modelling and design of the system. The project is a perfect example of an international co-operation where best skills of Eksamo's engineers, machine operators, welders and fitters are used.

Design and building of heavy duty transportation system
Eksamo AS has supplied ABB Estonia with transport system for up to 35 tons heayv components. The system is fully free of electrical devices due to enviromental and safety risks.

Machine building
Eksamo AS has signed a contract with Pioneer Engineering Group and Advanced Sports Installations Europe (link) to design and supply heavy duty material handling devices. The equipment will be able to transfer extreme torque, 10000 Nm and above.

Subcontract machine building
Eksamo AS has sealed a deal to supply production machinery to the developer and producer of unique kind of laser sound speakers, Panphonics (link) in Finland.
Eksamo will produce very different machines for customer's new factory, starting from conveyoring systems to very precise pneumatic presses. Both of Eksamo's long term skills will be used from machine design and building, and subcontract component manufacture.

Eksamo has just hit an all time record, turning over 1,82 million euros sales in 2011. Previous peak result was exceeded by a massive 32%. Export sales was 1,62 mio EUR, close to 90% of total sales. Eksamo's team sends out its best regards to all customers and suppliers, and commits to making even better performance in 2012.

Eksamo has just installed 2 CNC-machining centers QUASER MV154PL/12 BT40 with 4th axis rotary tool Tanshing MRNC 255 HB.
The new equipment list can be downloaded from here.

Company history
And Eksamo celebrates its 50th anniversary from the establishment of department "AMO", a department of automation and mechanics within a toy manufacturing company Norma, later AMO was reorganised to Eksamo Automaatika A/S, now renamed as just Eksamo A/S.

Company history
Eksamo celebrates its 15th anniversary from the start as self managing company. Previously Eksamo operated as department "AMO", a department of automation and mechanics in Autoliv Group company A/S Norma.

Eksamo has been audited as a suitable supplier for Vestas Wind Systems A/S supply chain. Eksamo will provide different milling, turning and manufacturing services for the global leader in wind turbine business.

Eksamo has won a contract to design, manufacture and install bullet proof safety doors and safe walls as a part of access system to a high security level institution.
Bullet proof safety class is the high level of FB6 (DIN EN 1522). The minimum requirement both for wall and doors is to stop 7,62x51mm bullets with the velocity of 830 m/s and 5,56x45 bullets with the velocity of 950 m/s! FB6 class steel material Armox 500T will be supplied by Swedish steel producer SSAB. Same level of safety - BR6 standard safety glass windows will be supplied by Windoor. All design, manufacturing and fabrication of bullet proof steel constructions will be carried out by Eksamo in its premises in Betooni Street, Tallinn.

Machine Building
Eksamo has signed a contract with ABB to supply a 500 T column press.
Within the scope of supply Eksamo designs a new hydraulic column press, that will be used for energy generators manufacturing in ABB. The maximum pressure applied to workpieces will be 5000kN and the press can hold its accurate pressure within the 1% accuracy during several hours. The 500T press itself will have 9,026 kg weight , control system PLC by Siemens that will be programmed by Eksamo's engineers.

Successful participation in ABB and TUT robotic program
Eksamol had the honour of producing a gripping tool for a robot set up in Tallinn University of Technology. The ABB robot IRB 1600 is one for industrial welding and the use of it has been presented by two pens and a index table. Eksamo carried out the machining and assembly works within 24 hours from the completion of engineering drawings.
Take a look at the video where you can see the robot with the tool working and Eksamo's logo being drawn from YOUTUBE.

Eksamo AS has moved into new premises at Betooni Street, Tallinn
Eksamo AS has finished the full relocation of offices and production into new buildings at Betooni 28c. You can see the new location on the map here .
The phone numbers have been changed while the previous numbers have been forwarded too.
Instead of the previous two-storeyed production rooms, now we have 3 side-by-side bays, all on the ground floor. One is occupied by CNC and conventional machines, one is used for fitting and sheet metal works and the third is for plasma-cutting and welding works.
All our customers and trade partners are welcome to visit us in the new place!

New CNCs's are coming!
SEB bank and Eksamo signed a lease contract that enables Eksamo to start using 2 very new CNC machines: Hardford Kappa machining center and Takisawa EX-110 lathe. Kappa is equipped with taper 50 for heavy duty cutting and Takisawa can turn as big diameter as 400mm. New investments are expected to provide customers with more low cost quality subcontraction resources.
Takisawa EX-100 will start production in early January and Hartford Kappa will arrive in the end of March 2008.
Download the Equipment List from here.

Eksamo's signs long-term contract with Purso-Tools
Eksamo joins international supply chain of Sandvik Tamrock at the 2nd level after Purso Tools Oy. Purso Tools' Pirkkala Unit is a regional system and jig supplier in the rapidly growing market. The contract is part of supplying Sandvik's Tampere factory with subassemblies for drill rigs and rock drill machinery. More information about Purso-Tools and Sandvik Mining and Construction.
Eksamo provides CNC-turning, CNC-milling and fabrication of subassemblies for Axera, Pantera and Ranger series of Sandvik.

Eksamo establishes CNC-workshop
Eksamo is proud to present the newly established CNC-shop. The step is part of Eksamo's strategy to use modern technologies and provide better quality at lower price lever. Thanks to CAM sytems even rapid prototyping can be done. The main workflow comes from repeat orders that relate to company's other resources too: fabrication and fitting.
The first machines installed are Yang MV-1000 machining center with Siemens Accramatic control and Colchester Tornado 300 lathe.

Eksamo chooses opensource with MySQL, Apache and PHP
The need for complete information system including CRM with integrated production and quality management has resulted with the launch of self develeped information system EMIS. EMIS runs on globally acknowledged database platform MySQL and uses Apache/PHP servers for fast and flexible user connecions to the database. EMIS will be constantly developed by the instructions from users and customers.

Eksamo's legal name changed to EKSAMO PLC
Due to the vast growth in export sales Eksamo intoduces new name "EKSAMO" instead of previous "Eksamo Automaatika".
"Eksamo" originates from the department name "AMO" - the birthname of our business unit back in 1961 and "Eks" stands in honour of the long history.
"AMO" stands for Automation and Mechanization that has been Eksamo's core business for more than 45 years.

Eksamo Automaatika increases subcontracting capabilities with CNC Plasma Cutting
In relation to the purchase of new Microcut CNC plasma cutting machine from company Microstep we are proud to offer our customers the subcontracting service of sheet metal cutting. Our capabilities in cutting sheet metal are limited to 40x3000x2000 mm of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. As thin as 1 mm steet metal can be cut with very good quality. The best quality and price ratio can be offered at the thickness of 8 mm.
This service increases our subcontracting service range which already expands to profiling, welding, milling, boring, drilling, turning, painting and mechanical, pneumatical and automatics assembly. Most of our subcontracting clients operate in the field of automotive and other machine building.

Eksamo Automaatika focuses in manufacture of machines and machineparts
Duly to company's strategic business areas Eksamo Automaatika AS focuses in design and manufacture of machines, machine parts and spare parts, metalworks and metal structures. Therefore Eksamo Automaatika AS no longer provides maintenance for factories.
At the same time company opens more resources for subcontracting. Dismounting, renovation and reinstallation of used machines and production lines is still growing market segment due to Estonia Republic joining the European Union.

Eksamo Automaatika AS separates from Autoliv Group
According to HEX notice the previous 100% shareholder Norma AS of Autoliv Group has sold all shares to new private investors. This change in company's ownership brings forth more accurate strategic management and orientation in markets. The relocation in industrial market provides more opetative and flexible services to all previous and new partners and customers.

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